AnnaGee Creative Studio Summer plans

It’s time to catch up on the blog for the summer plans of AnnaGee. After the launch of AnnaGee Creative Studio (which was in February 2017, time flies), things are starting to develop nicely. It’s developing much better than I could ever hope for actually. Very cool and very exciting.

I’ve been busy lately with all kind of stuff. Besides the product making part of AnnaGee Creative Studio, I’m also working as a graphic designer. I’ve designed a  logo recently and I’m working on another logo right now. I’m also working on some birth announcement patterns / cards. The idea is that you can adjust it to your own wishes, I hope that they will be finished and up on the site at the end of the summer (one of the ideas, is the one with a balloon pattern).

Some other exciting stuff is going to happen really soon. The Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag (where I silkscreen the big print for the babyblankets (AnnaGee 1 and 2) is going to be part of the Designkwartier Festival in The Hague. This festival takes place from May 19th till 21th, and at the Grafische Werkplaats you can see and buy the AnnaGee babyblankets and bibs! I’ll be there also off course, so happy to see you if you’re in the neighbourhood.


And that’s not the only thing, in the summer I’ll participate at two markets, the FlagShip Market in Zeeheldenkwartier, one on the 2nd of July and the other one the 3Rd of September. But first, the DesignkwartierFestival! Hope to see you there!