Looking back and forward

Tomorrow December will start. AnnaGee is live now for almost a whole year. And what a year it has been. A lot of ups, but also a couple of downs. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but being your own boss and running and setting up a business is quite challenging to say the least. But first, thanks to everyone who is following me along this journey!

Owning your own business is such an interesting ride, and it brings all sorts of things along with it. For example, as an art historian I wasn’t the best in finance, but I found out that I actually quite like it. (and understanding more and more of it). Working on your own is for someone as me (who very much likes to talk to people) sometimes challenging, but the freedom is an advantage at the same time. Nevertheless, I do miss it to work in a team. And although I’m the CEO, the Marketing Manager, the Office girl, the writer, and the maker all in once, sometimes you just want to work only as a CEO.

Big ups are the fact that the people who use the blankets, or send the cards are very happy with them and the response is great. Selling cards at Achtung Baby, being part of DesignKwartierFestival The Hague, finding my name printed in the EigenHuis & Interieur, meeting cool new people, writing for Pussycat and Bird and just the fact that I did it are also ‘ups’! I’ve started something completely new, in Anna’s name. Man, how I wish she would be able to see it. Maybe somewhere in a place outer space.

Am I going to do things differently in 2018? Yes. Creating a brand means taking steps forward and taking steps back. And learning from your ‘mistakes’. AnnaGee will be about babyblankets and sleep products only in 2018. The goal is that every conscious parent with a love for aesthetics will know about AnnaGee and put their children to bed with something from AnnaGee. And AnnaGee Graphic Design will be cut loose, I’ll be working as a graphic designer on (working on it to get it live now) so that there will be no mistakes about what AnnaGee is. I’ll be designing logo’s, bookcovers, birth announcements and wedding invitations. And believe me, besides designing and producing the blankets etc., I also love to work with you on your design!

So these are the plans for AnnaGee. Hope you will follow me along, and hope to see you soon somewhere!