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owner of AnnaGee Creative Studio. The concept of AnnaGee Creative Studio started to grow on me when I was pregnant with my little girl. Losing my job during my pregnancy meant that I was forced to rethink my plans for the future. The idea of having my own creative business had always appealed to me, so I just went for it and started a studio that specializes in sustainable products. A studio which doesn’t focus on baby products only, but which also specializes in stationery or designs a product custom-made for you.





As said, I didn’t want a business that only creates stuff without considering the effects it has on the environment. If I was going to do something, it just had to be as green as possible. After all, I was putting another living being on this earth, and we had better make sure it can enjoy life on earth as much as we can, right?

So therefore, AnnaGee Creative Studio creates sustainable products, as fair and as green as possible. That means that I only use the best organic material available and try to make my impact on nature as minimal as possible without giving up on aesthetics. And I always check as much as I can if the fabrics I use are fair trade. Basically, I want to show everyone that by being green you don’t have to give up on beauty.


You may wonder why the company is called AnnaGee Creative Studio. I named it after my sister, who sadly passed away in 2011. Her name was Anna, and she used the name AnnaGee whenever she created something on the sewing machine. She was very creative, and in this way she kind of lives on.

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